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I need to change my mind (repent).King Jesus

His government (Kingdom) is not a democracy. I have been raised to see democracy as the best form of government. And for us in America, it is. But Jesus wasn’t elected. His way isn’t determined by a majority vote. God has always been in control and he has given everything over to His son Jesus, our Master. God doesn’t need our permission to make a decision. It has always been that way. It always will.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem as King. The people knew it. After His resurrection, He ascended in Heaven and his Father made it official. He sits next to God and is in charge of everything in Gods world.

He has a new plan. It isn’t based on anything we know. Jesus put an end to that. No more trying to do good to please him. He is in charge of His world and government. He is in a good mood as a Father would be toward His children. He is also God.