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Jesus is ThirstyHanging from the cross. He will die for us. The agony is unbearable. He didn’t say a lot. It was too painful. Everything is almost done. God’s goal will be complete soon. A few last things to do.

It is not the first time he has expressed he is thirsty. He did it on his visit to Samaria. An outcast woman helped that day. Jesus said to her, “Would you give me a drink of water?”  They had a long conversation. It wasn’t as much about the need for water as it was a chance to bring her to God. 

Jesus gives opportunities to help. Some times it is just with something simple like helping to quench thirst. Do we hear Jesus?

Jesus is on a mission. He knows what is ahead. And yet, he is thirsty. They give him some wine.

Jesus is talking. He is thirsty. Will we help?

“I’m thirsty.” ~~Jesus from the cross John 19:28