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Crucifixion and darknessIt was a dark day as Jesus hung from the cross. Figuratively and literally. The sun disappeared. And Jesus just hung there. Waiting for death to come. Waiting for His mission to be complete.

And where is God? What is God doing? God is just letting it happen. Imagine the pain of seeing your Son suffer so. But God has a plan. Both God and Jesus know that death will accomplish the reconciliation that is needed. They both know that Jesus will be resurrected to reign with God forever.

For the joy that was before him, Jesus suffered the abandonment. Victory would come but first must come the death. God had a goal in mind. Jesus knew what it was. He would be abandoned and suffer death for us. It must be done. He and he alone could do it. He never missed God’s goal. Never ever and so Jesus would suffer and die for us. Completely abandoned. Alone. No one to help.

“My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” ~~Jesus Matthew 27:46