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God's Promises are real

God’s Promises are real

God makes a promise. Jesus says YES to it. The Holy Spirit makes it happen in us. Jesus is the great “So Be It” of God. So when Jesus says YES and we agree with Him, the power comes forth. God affirms us in Him. He makes it a sure thing. God puts the YES of Jesus in us. He has sealed His pledge with His Spirit.

This is the complete promise of a beginning in the new plan. His goal will be achieved. That is the YES of Jesus.

There is another side to this. There are things that Jesus doesn’t say yes to. We need to know the difference between yes, no and silence.

What about when we don’t hear anything. Do we take this for a YES? Should we? Silence isn’t yes and it isn’t no. But it is definitely not yes.

Yes is clear. No is clear. Silence can be confusing.

Let us look for the yes. That is the clear path. That is the only true way forward.