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Luke 10:22 - Jesus has been given it all

Luke 10:22 – Jesus has been given it all

Oh my goodness. Jesus has everything. It is a great gift from His Father. All authority, power, love. Everything!! Nothing is lacking in Him. Their relationship is like none other. Only that kind of love can produce a world for us that is different than what we know today.

Do we believe that Jesus has it all? I know I don’t always act like it. I rely on my own capabilities. That only gets me so far. And it is not God’s goal for me. He wants me to rely on His son Jesus.

Jesus is the way to God. Jesus is the way to success in God’s world.

Jesus has it all. Nothing is impossible or lacking. May I know it and live that way.

“I’ve been given it all by my Father! Only the Father knows who the Son is and only the Son knows who the Father is.” ~~Jesus (Luke 10:22)