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Miracles Happen

Miracles Happen

Am I the one Jesus brings into the room with Him or am I the one provoked to sarcasm and left out of His presence?

This is an essential question. Imagine telling Jesus he didn’t know what he was talking about. Oh my goodness. God is God. He will do what He wants regardless of what we think.

Peter, James and John got in. I want to be one of the ones who goes in with Jesus.

I don’t want to be sarcastic about what our Lord can do. Nothing is impossible for Him!!

He permitted no one to go in with him except Peter, James, and John. They entered the leader’s house and pushed their way through the gossips looking for a story and neighbors bringing in casseroles. Jesus was abrupt: ‘Why all this busybody grief and gossip? This child isn’t dead; she’s sleeping.’ Provoked to sarcasm, they told him he didn’t know what he was talking about.

But when he had sent them all out, he took the child’s father and mother, along with his companions, and entered the child’s room. He clasped the girl’s hand and said, ‘Talitha koum,’ which means, ‘Little girl, get up.’ At that, she was up and walking around! This girl was twelve years of age. They, of course, were all beside themselves with joy. He gave them strict orders that no one was to know what had taken place in that room. Then he said, ‘Give her something to eat.’ Mark 5:39-43