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Religious Fraud is not OK

Religious Fraud is not OK

The people of the town of Bethel sent a delegation to the priests and prophets with a question. They wanted to know if the should continue fasting annually as they had been doing on a certain day for a long time now. They had turned something from God into a ritual. God isn’t interested in rituals. God isn’t interested in religion.

He is interested in people and requires that we love them daily. God’s goal for us is for us to love. Love God and everyone else. Our focus is on love.

God-of-the-Angel-Armies gave me this Message for them, for all the people and for the priests: “When you held days of fasting every fifth and seventh month all these seventy years, were you doing it for me? And when you held feasts, was that for me? Hardly. You’re interested in religion, I’m interested in people. ~~Zechariah 7:4-6