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True North

True North

I must take time to check with God before I act, speak, or do anything.

Great question: Have I re-calibrated to true north? Is God in this activity? How easy it is to just be in the moment, doing what I think is the right thing. What does God think?

Here is a great story from David Cook.

It was during this time, while walking into a hardware store, that a friend called me. I stood just inside the automatic doors for 20 minutes while Jeff told me a story that related to my situation. Jeff, who had been an airline pilot, explained to me one of the procedures that had to take place between the ending of one flight and the beginning of the next. While the Boeing 757 sat at the gate, its navigational computer had to re-calibrate for the new course. In order to do that, the plane had to sit completely still for ten minutes while it reestablished true north—otherwise its navigation would be dangerously off. 

via A Time to Recalibrate | Men of Integrity.