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Bold Faith

Bold Faith

Are you thinking about 2015? Most of us are.

Think bold. Just because I didn’t achieve everything I wanted to this year is no reason to give up. We serve a BIG God. Nothing is impossible with Him. We need bold faith. We need more courage. God is generous.

Aim big and aim for God. It is not a time to lower expectations. God has amazing things in mind for us. It is not about our goals. It is all about God’s goals. Aim BIG. God is God and God is Great.

Does God live by a calendar? Is this a new year for God? Of course God doesn’t. While it is a new year on the calendar, God hasn’t changed His mind. God still wants us to love Him and everyone else we meet. God’s goals for us don’t change.

Think bold and aim big. Be blessed. God is with us.