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Now this is a good and convicting word from God. Jesus calls us to be passionate and all in for God. He shows us the way and promises we will do greater things than He did when He was here.

I am desperate for God. I want more of Him. I am lost without Him every minute of the day.

It’s hard to be ready for the jungle when you train in the zoo! We have domesticated the Lion of the tribe of Judah, which has caused us to loose heart for the call of the wild. Jesus took water and turned it to wine. 2000 years later we have turned the wine into grape juice. We have proactively organized risk right out of the Gospel (Good News) and wonder why we are bored out of our minds. Religion has left us starving for the great adventure. Where are the Believers that rock kingdoms and sent demons on a screaming exodus? ~~Kris Vallotton