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Jesus is the Truth

Jesus is the Truth

Not everything is the real thing. There is the real GOD and there are clever facsimiles. It may, in fact, be difficult to see the difference. They look the same. They sound the same.

Jesus brings truth and life. The evil one lies and cheats us of life. GOD holds us firm. When we came to realize we were missing GOD’s goal for our life, we changed our mind and came to trust Jesus as the one who could save us from that type of life.

We know we are children of GOD and we live in His world. We are protected by GOD.

God is great. Jesus, the Messiah, has defeated the evil one. GOD protects us. GOD is in a good mood and we can live in truth.

We know that none of the God-begotten makes a practice of missing God’s goal [sin] —fatally missing God’s goal [sin]. The God-begotten are also the God-protected. The Evil One can’t lay a hand on them. We know that we are held firm by God; it’s only the people of the world who continue in the grip of the Evil One. And we know that the Son of God came so we could recognize and understand the truth of God—what a gift!—and we are living in the Truth itself, in God’s Son, Jesus the Messiah. This Jesus is both True God and Real Life. Dear children, be on guard against all clever facsimiles. (1 John 5:18-21 The Message)