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God's will

God’s will

Leveling a road takes a while. It is not something that happens over night. Because I am in right standing with our Father, he levels the road for me. My part of the equation is to live right. I am in right standing with God by the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. God makes his goal clear. God gives me the power to do what he wants.

I have to be content when I see the sign with God’s decision to stop, to not be in a hurry. God is in front of me leveling the way. When God decides it is clear, I can go. God will clear out all of the obstacles. There will be nothing to get in my way.

May I be content to linger in the path with the signs of your decision.

The path of right-living people is level. The Leveler evens the road for the right-living. Isaiah 26:9