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Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

What an amazing day this was. Jesus goes to be baptized by his cousin, John the Baptist. His Father, God, validates He is His son. The Holy Spirit comes down on Him.

The sign is a dove. The voice is God. God validates that Jesus is His Son. No doubt here.

“You are my Son.”

Not only is Jesus God’s Son, but God has chosen Him. Jesus is the Messiah.

“You are chosen.”

There is a single characteristic to the life of Jesus. Jesus is love. Jesus shows us what it means to love.

“You are marked with love.”

Like every Father, God is so proud of Jesus.

“You are my pride of life.”

That is our longing. We all want to know we are loved by our Father. We all want to hear He is proud of us.

We get that in His Spirit. We get that in His love. We are chosen.

How cool is that?

After all the people were baptized, Jesus was baptized. As he was praying, the sky opened up and the Holy Spirit, like a dove descending, came down on him. And along with the Spirit, a voice: “You are my Son, chosen and marked by my love, pride of my life.” Luke 3:21-22