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Jesus sets standards for us based on a whole different world. It is His Father’s world. It is a world of consequences and accountability. Sometimes it is convenient for us to think that it is not that way. Jesus is direct and forces us to deal with that. No free passes at all.

With the help of God’s Spirit, we can control what we say. We are accountable for the hate or love that comes out of our mouth. Our words may be thoughtless but are real. Thoughtlessness is not love.

What is it that God demands of us? What is God’s goal for us?

Jesus knows it.

It is simple. It is love. Live a life of love, he challenges us. All the time. That is God’s goal for us. He has given us His Spirit to give us the power to do it. Every day.

Thoughtlessly yell ‘stupid!’ at a sister and you are on the brink of hellfire.” ~Jesus

(Matthew 5:24 The Message)