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I saw a news show recently where they spent a significant amount of time essentially making the case that every one is dishonest and cheats. It was pretty depressing. It isn’t true and it doesn’t have to be that way.

God wants us to be (live) honest. Jesus makes the same challenge. This focus is huge for us. It is core to having a heart after God because God is truth.

We have a spiritual problem, both as individuals, a culture and a country. We need moral clarity. We must accept the challenge of Jesus. Wisdom and an eternal life is the payoff.

Here are the key ideas:

  • Honesty, grounded in truth, is the key to wisdom.
  • God’s goal for us is to live a honest life and to speak the truth.
  • God is God and can only speak the truth. God is light. God shines his light on us.
  • God is in a good mood and gives us the power to live a honest life.

Ill-gotten gain gets you nowhere; an honest life is immortal.” ~King Solomon

(Proverbs 10:2)