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Some people hear the message in their mind. “I am a failure”.  Hearing it doesn’t make it true. We don’t want to go there. God is not that way. It is not in His nature.  He doesn’t see us that way at all.

God is perfect and he is in a good mood. His love for me never ever fails. His heart is to love me no matter what.

God gave his son Jesus who died and rose up from the dead conquering death for me that I could be a new creation in Him. I don’t have to keep repeating the failings of the past.  I am not a failure in Him and His kingdom. His perfect love of me banishes fear from me completely.

May I experience His love that never fails. May I know who I am in Him. May I love others the way He loves me.

Love never fails .  1 Corinthians 13:8