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God has been talking to me a long time. I can go back. Dr. Pirtle spoke the word of God that led me to Jesus. Jay Fesperman led me into a disciplined life in God. Bob Mumford challenged me to submit to the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Derek Prince helped me see how fully I am redeemed. Jack Graham shows the way to the goodness of fellowship. Sally Fesperman on how intercession is the way to Gods absolute perfection. On and on it goes. His word right out of the mouths of those I know.

It is a lengthy line of men and women who have addressed me in diverse ways. And it started way before me. Thousands of years going back to the beginning, the word has come to me through those who went before me. And there were those who proceeded Jesus. In the scheme of things, which wasn’t that long ago. Jesus’ word holds true today coming to me directly.

It was through Jesus (and the word He spoke) that God created everything that we know as the world and the universe. God created it and it will all be His in the end. It will all belong to Jesus for sure. Jesus perfectly mirrors God.

  • Everything God is stamped into who Jesus is now.
  • Because God spoke it to begin with.
  • God is now holding it all together today by the same word He spoke so long ago.
  • He has such powerful words.
  • Oh, my goodness, God’s word blasts forward to make it all happen.