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Because of what Jesus did, we can walk right up to God. We don’t even have to hesitate. We can just go right into His presence and the place where His absolute perfection radiates completely. Jesus, the anointed Messiah, made the way clear. It was by His blood and His sacrifice. Nothing I could do to make it happen. This is God’s new plan for us. He has a whole new strategy for how we can be with Him and His awesome love.

So … let’s do it. Let us believe and be confident that we are in fact presentable. We don’t have to be ashamed at all. We are clean inside and out. Let’s get a firm grip on the promises that keep us moving into His way. Has God ever not kept His word?

In fact, let’s get creative in how we can encourage love and help each other out. Let’s be inventive, producing entirely new ways to show it. The Big Day is coming. Let’s get ready for it.

May we spur each other on. May we help each other out every time we get a chance.