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Eternal Life

Eternal Life

I am God’s slave. Jesus is my Master and he owns me. This has happened because of what Jesus did for me and my faith in him. My job is to obey my Master and do everything he wants me to do. Jesus wants me to love. That is my mission.

God’s goal for me is to promote faith. I must get out the accurate word about God and what he has accomplished through the Messiah Jesus. This is stunning news. God is in such a good mood, he does this for us despite our missing his goal for life.

Am I raising hope about a life that never ends? Do my friends and family hear that wonderful message? The key is that I can have hope. I can have hope because this isn’t about living 100 years. This is about live way past 1 trillion years. This is about living a life that never ends.

God has promised us this kind of life, a life that never ends. We will get to be with Jesus and our Father. God is faithful. God never, ever breaks his promise. I can count on him. You can count on him as well.

This is not a secret. God went public with it through Jesus, his son. This message has been made known to us by the Apostles and countless men and women of God since Jesus made his great sacrifice for us.

I don’t always live and act this way. It can be a challenge for me. I must change my mind about God. God is God. God can do anything. I desperately need to get this.

I, Paul, am God’s slave and the Messiah’s agent for promoting the faith among God’s chosen people, getting out the accurate word on God and how to respond rightly to it. My aim is to raise hopes by pointing the way to life without end. This is the life God promised long ago—and he doesn’t break promises! And then when the time was ripe, he went public with his truth. I’ve been entrusted to proclaim this Message by order of our Savior, God himself. Dear Titus, legitimate son in the faith: Receive everything God our Father and Jesus our Savior give you!

Source: Titus 1:1-4