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God's plan

God’s plan

I love to plan. It is a passion of mine. It is comforting to me. It provides me the illusion that I am in control. I love to think that if I know where I am going (have a goal), I can figure out how to get there (a strategy). Much of my work is based on this premise. I make money off of it.

I am not alone in this thinking. Just read all the books and internet articles on the topic. We all have been sold this bill of goods.

God knows better. God is God and God is in control. Jesus has been given all authority from his Father. Jesus challenges us to accept him as our Master. Jesus wants to be in control.

God has a goal for me. It is God’s goal and not mine. God will accomplish it. God wants me to take on my part of what he wants to accomplish.

I need to change my mind (repent) about all of this. The culture of planning and success is wrong. God is going to have the last word.

Mortals make elaborate plans, but God has the last word.

Source: King Solomon – Proverbs 16:1 (The Message Bible)