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New Life

New Life

I like hearing about the “new thing”. What is the shiny new object?

Truth is not new. Truth is eternal. I need to hear the word of God and God is saying I need to love. That is nothing new. What is new is doing it consistently.

I haven’t done it before. So it is “new to me”. The power of love is amazing. I must be open to finding how God wants me to love right now and doing it. God will tell me. Jesus will show me.

The Messiah Jesus is shining a light for me. Jesus is pointing the way to love. God’s goal for me is to love. That is all there is to it.

My dear friends, I’m not writing anything new here. This is the oldest commandment in the book, and you’ve known it from day one. It’s always been implicit in the Message you’ve heard. On the other hand, perhaps it is new, freshly minted as it is in both the Messiah and you—the darkness on its way out and the True Light already blazing!

Source: 1 John 2:7-8 (The Message Bible)