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I need to thank God for my brothers and sisters in the faith of our Master Jesus. When I don’t know what to pray for, being grateful for others is a very good thing.

Love is expressed in gratitude. I need to show love by being grateful. Gratitude is a very powerful expression of love. Gratitude gives love legs. Every day should be thanksgiving.

God is grateful. God is thankful. God shows us how to love. God’s goal is that I replicate how his son Jesus loves. Jesus shows me the way.

Every time your name comes up in my prayers, I say, “Oh, thank you, God!” I keep hearing of the love and faith you have for the Master Jesus, which brims over to other believers. And I keep praying that this faith we hold in common keeps showing up in the good things we do, and that people recognize the Messiah in all of it. Friend, you have no idea how good your love makes me feel, doubly so when I see your hospitality to fellow believers.

`Apostle Paul – Source: Philemon 1:4-7 (The Message Bible)