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Kingdom of God

Kingdom of God

What does the “kingdom of God” really mean?

God has a country. It is completely different from the country we live in. It is governed in ways we don’t understand or appreciate.

God is in control of his country. What God wants is what God gets. God doesn’t share governing with anyone but Jesus. We are not in charge.

  • God has appointed Jesus to oversee his country.
  • Jesus is not elected.
  • Jesus will always oversee God’s country.
  • No one can replace Jesus.

Jesus governs God’s country. Jesus governs consistent with what God wants to see happen. Jesus doesn’t head off on his own. Jesus is completely focused on God. In God’s country, Jesus governs, and I do not. Jesus decides what should be done. I don’t. Jesus decides what the priorities are. I don’t.

In God’s country, my identity comes from God. God establishes my role. I don’t get to decide or choose anything. It is all up to Jesus.

  • My job is to report the good news about God’s country and how he is governing to everyone I know and meet.
  • God’s country and government exists now.
  • It is not something to come.
  • It isn’t waiting until we get to heaven.

Jesus gives us insight into how God’s government works. We need to forget about how governments work that we live in.

God’s country and government isn’t anything like what we see in other countries. This isn’t a republic, democracy, totalitarian regime, or dictatorship.

God proved the power of his government by raising Jesus from the dead. Jesus ascended into heaven and sits next to God. Jesus governs everything in God’s country.

  • God’s country isn’t a physical country.
  • This is spiritual governance.
  • This is committing to Jesus as our Master and putting him in charge of everything.
  • Our goal is to be single minded to serve Jesus who governs God’s country.

We are citizens of God’s country. We must renounce our citizenship in our country. There is no such thing as dual citizenship.

There are enemies of God’s country. They are out to destroy us. We do battle with them. This won’t be easy but, with Jesus, we are victorious. In God’s country, with Jesus in charge, I am safe. Jesus, the Messiah (anointed leader of God’s country) protects us all.

God’s country with Jesus’ governing is our new home. We live in God’s country now. We all have a role and place in God’s country.

There is a lot of work to do in God’s country. We need to focus on bringing in more citizens and helping them mature in their roles.

God’s country is promised to anyone who loves Jesus.

Unlike other countries, God’s country will last forever. There will be no end to how long Jesus is in charge and governs.