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God's new plan

God’s new plan

Here some old plan thoughts that carry over into the new plan that Jesus has revealed to us.

  • Mostly things we should avoid doing but one affirmative act that is one of the two great laws that Jesus said to do.
  • In way of Jesus, the Messiah, loving our neighbor is the BIG thing.
  • If we do, we won’t pervert justice, show favoritism, gossip or seek revenge.

God is love.

Don’t pervert justice. Don’t show favoritism to either the poor or the great. Judge on the basis of what is right. Don’t spread gossip and rumors. Don’t just stand by when your neighbor’s life is in danger. I am God. Don’t secretly hate your neighbor. If you have something against him, get it out into the open; otherwise you are an accomplice in his guilt.

Don’t seek revenge or carry a grudge against any of your people. Love your neighbor as yourself. I am God.

–Leviticus 19:15-18 The Message Bible