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I have been focusing increasingly on simplicity. I have been trying to reduce many complex issues down to no more than three ideas. Simple, however, does not mean easy or easy to do. I am discovering in fact, many times even three things can be tough to execute.

So, Paul had three things he suggested to do. Simple? Yes, but not easy. In 1 Thessalonians 5:16 -18 he suggested them. This is the version from The Message translation.

  1. Be cheerful no matter what
  2. pray all the time
  3. thank God no matter what happens

This is the way God wants you who belong to the Messiah Jesus to live.

Starting in reverse makes a difference I have discovered. So how does God want me to live? To thank God no matter what happens.

Really? No matter what happens; thank God. Well, if I am doing that (not easy), I will be praying all the time. Nonstop because in the course of the day a lot happens and thanking God for all that happens will have me praying tons.

So, if I thank God no matter what happens which has me praying all the time, I will be cheerful no matter what.

When I do it, wow it is so immensely powerful. When I don’t, I have come to discover I am not the same person.

So … the challenge is to focus more.