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So I have to suffer a little.
Suffering comes and goes.
Suffering is a part of life.

I have lots of concerns
and yet do I hold on to them?
Way beyond their usefulness?
Does it stay with me?
Do I ask for more?

It is no big deal.
Some days are hard.
Some days are tough.
Some days I worry …
worry way to much.

Some days I don’t live
for the love of the moment.
Some days I miss the moment.
Some days aren’t what I want them to be.

But there is no comparison
between today’s challenges
and the good times that are coming.

Our Lord always look after us.
He gives me my daily bread.
He loves me each and every moment.
His love extends far beyond where I can see.

He is here.
He cares.
In fact, I should be anxious
for what is coming next.
I can hardly wait.

I am eager for what
is going to be revealed
in us who are His children.

He is revealing it.
What is He revealing?
Jesus is love.
That is who He is.
That is what He wants
me to experience now.