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God is gracious. It is all God, through his son Jesus, and not anything I do.

God is in a good mood and compassionate. That is the way God is.

When I call out to God, he listens to me. Jesus is my advocate, sitting next to God, having defeated death. I have the Holy Spirit in me, the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.

God makes things right. That is just the way it is.

It is all about God and his graciousness. I has nothing to do with me.

I love God because he listened to me,
    listened as I begged for mercy.
He listened so intently
    as I laid out my case before him.
Death stared me in the face,
    hell was hard on my heels.
Up against it, I didn’t know which way to turn;
    then I called out to God for help:
“Please, God!” I cried out.
    “Save my life!”
God is gracious—it is he who makes things right,
    our most compassionate God.
God takes the side of the helpless;
    when I was at the end of my rope, he saved me.

Source: Psalm 116:1-2 MSG – I love GOD because he listened to me, – Bible Gateway