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The kind of stories we listen to and repeat to our self is vitally important. Check this out from Bill Johnson.

Creating a culture of the testimony has unlocked many dimensions of the power of the testimony that we believe are keys to transformation in our city.

For example, we regularly see the prophetic power of the testimony released as people encounter individuals who need miracles and minister to them by sharing how God has solved the same problem in the lives of others. Often no other kind of ministry is needed–the person simply hears the testimony and finds that God has just “done it again” for them in that very moment. But we are also learning how to do this same thing on a larger level.

When we hear statistics about the high divorce rate or poverty in our community, for example, we are intentionally starting to collect testimonies of healed marriages and financial breakthrough. In doing so, we arm ourselves so that when we inevitably encounter the “statistics” around us, we are ready with stories tailor-made for their situations.

But we also take time to declare these testimonies over our city. By releasing the prophetic anointing in this way, we sow into a shift in the atmosphere. We make the places of our greatest weakness and brokenness targets for the invasion of heaven, knowing that heaven’s way is to perfect strength in weakness.

~~Bill Johnson