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I am God

I am God

God is God.

More importantly, God is my God.

I serve the one and only, true living God. There is no other.

It is one thing to know that God is God. It is everything to know that he is my God. That is the main thing.

Jesus came to show us God and to give us a relationship with God. Through Jesus, I get to know God and understand what he wants me to do.

This is to be your regular, daily Whole-Burnt-Offering before God, generation after generation, sacrificed at the entrance of the Tent of Meeting. That’s where I’ll meet you; that’s where I’ll speak with you; that’s where I’ll meet the Israelites, at the place made holy by my Glory. I’ll make the Tent of Meeting and the Altar holy. I’ll make Aaron and his sons holy in order to serve me as priests. I’ll move in and live with the Israelites. I’ll be their God. They’ll realize that I am their God who brought them out of the land of Egypt so that I could live with them. I am God, your God.

Source: Exodus 29 MSG – Consecration of Priests – “This is – Bible Gateway