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The Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness

God is God. God can’t betray who he is.

God is good. God is lavish. God forgives me. God forgives me day after day. Minute after minute. Second after second.

I can find Jesus and his mercy right now. God is close to me. Will that always be true?

Jesus challenges me to change my mind and change my behavior. They go hand in hand.

God is good for sure. Jesus is lavish with forgiveness.

Seek God while he’s here to be found,
    pray to him while he’s close at hand.
Let the wicked abandon their way of life
    and the evil their way of thinking.
Let them come back to God, who is merciful,
    come back to our God, who is lavish with forgiveness.

Source: Isaiah 55:6 MSG – Seek GOD while he’s here to be found, – Bible Gateway