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Jesus has a goal for me. Jesus wants me to do something today. I can only do it with God’s help. I can’t do it on my own.

I live a pretty mundane life. I get up. I get ready. I go to work. I work. I come home. I go to bed. I get up and do it again. Pretty ordinary. Nothing remarkable.

Jesus challenges me to take that life and place it before God as an offering to him. That is all I have. All I can offer is that ordinary life. God of course can do anything. God can take that and make it into something super-natural.

Rather than my adjusting to the culture around me, I can adjust to God’s world. I can change my mind about what God wants to do today. I can be changed from the inside out.

I need to recognize what God wants. I need to fix my attention on God. I need to respond to it.

God brings out the best in me through Jesus. God wants me to be mature. That is the end game.