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Love of Jesus

Love of Jesus

Jesus is our Messiah and he poured out his blood for us. Jesus sacrificed his perfect and mature life for me. Jesus literally poured out his blood for me.

Jesus did it so that I can be free. Before Jesus, I was bound to missing God’s goal for my life and on a course headed to punishment. It was all my doing.

Now I am free for that life I had before. And I am not just a little free but extravagantly and abundantly free.

Jesus thought of everything. Jesus has provided me everything. Jesus has let me in on God’s plan that God has invested so much in providing to me. God has so much pleasure in making it happen for us.

God has a long-range plan for how he is going to bring everything together. God’s plan starts with his son Jesus, the Messiah. God is the big picture and knows how it will all come together. God is in a very good mood.