I prefer the ocean

to the mountain stream.

The ocean is wild . . .

unpredictable . . .

roaring along wave by wave.

The ocean is vast, never ending,

so it seems.


The ocean can be so many things,

minute by minute.

Day by day.

From the beginning of time to the end.

I prefer the ocean

to the lazy river.

The ocean is calm . . .

gently lapping at my feet.


The ocean is persistent,

never ceasing to roll in.

It can be one thing right in front of me

and yet, looking further out, an entirely different scene.


I prefer the ocean

To a babbling brook.

At the ocean, I stand in awe

of it’s majesty

at it’s might

in it’s marvels.


The ocean is a mystery . . .

always amazing with its wealth

of life

of ability to rejuvenate.

I prefer the ocean’s storm

to the mountain’s gentle rain.

The ocean’s storm can both

give and




It’s will never questioned

and yet never understood.

I prefer the ocean sunset

to the mountain’s darkness, gently descending.

The ocean’s sunsets

have a life of their own in my memory.

I can see them now,

never ceasing to amaze.

Always ready to dazzle.


A special place in my mind delighting

as I bring each one out,

exam it

put it back in it’s special place.


I prefer the ocean!