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Jesus challenges us

Jesus challenges us

There is a lot I can focus on every day. Jesus challenges me to focus. Need some ideas on what to focus on?

Try one a day and then repeat. And the repeat again.

From Kris Vallotton, this is a great summary of what we should focus on daily.

9 of the most important things I learned from my spiritual father Bill Johnson

1- love Jesus radically and extravagantly no matter what people think.

2- never forget that God is good regardless of how I feel or what the circumstances say.

3- keep in mind what Jesus is doing, not what still needs to be done. Do everything you can to remember His works (testimonies) in the lives of people.

4-look for the good in people and focus on their goodness and not their flaws. Never speak negatively of anyone.

5- honor and celebrate all different kinds of people, regardless if you agree with them or not.

6- put your family before anything (including ministry) or anyone (except God). In fact when I am serving my family I am serving God. My family must benefit from my relationship with Jesus. The level of success I have at home determines the level of ministry I have to everyone else.

7-be loyal to your friends and family. Loyalty is demonstrated most radically when they have failed. Don’t throw people under the bus to please others, save face, or convince the world that you hate the sin they committed.

8- be extremely generous and sacrificial in giving to others. God will give back to you. Give like you actually believe you can’t out give God.

9- “nothing is impossible with God” must not just be a theory it has to be a reality that effects the way I live life.