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Our heavenly Father has decided to show us mercy and love, not judgement. Now let us stop right there for a minute.

No judgement? Really? That is right. All praise belongs to Him who is the God and Father of our Master Jesus. His wisdom and counsel heals and restores us. When we have difficult days, Jesus is right there next to us, encouraging us as only He can do.

As a result of us getting through these days, Jesus brings someone into our life who needs to hear how God has helped us. We can be there for them just the way God is there for us. Funny how that prepares us to help someone else and give them good gifts from God. The generosity of Jesus becomes our generosity.

Of course we have some tough days because of following after Jesus. His way is not always easy. But through it all, we have many more amazing days of His healing and comfort.

We get more than a full measure of all His benefits and gifts. If the recipe calls for a little, He gives more. Jesus is not stingy at all. Good stuff for sure.