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He is talking to me but it is a whisper.
So … I press in to hear what he is saying to me.
I lean in close.
My face close to His face
to hear what He is saying.

He promised me I would find HIM
if I search for him with my whole heart.
How precious is that.

When I come to him,
He turns and sees me.
And He smiles.
His face lights up with joy
that I am coming to hear what He has to say.

He smiles at me
and He winks at me that knowing wink.
He is just so darn happy that I want to be in His presence.
He is tickled pink that I want to spend time with Him.
He bursts out laughing at my awkward ways.
Somehow He makes me feel good about all the stuff I worry about.

He is talking to me.
I press in.
I want to hear Him.
I lean in.

I press in.
Just to hear more.
Just to know Him more.
I want more.
I do!!
I really do!!