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God is great – Nothing is impossible for Him. He can and does anything.

Jesus redeems me. Jesus saves me. Jesus heals me. Jesus restores me. I will speak of His great and mighty work.

God is God – He is in control. He has always been and always will be.

This is not a democracy. Democracies are a good form of government but God’s government is not a democracy. God has given all authority to his son Jesus and His way of doing things is what is important. The way He does it in heaven is the way we want it done here on earth.

God is good – He is always good. He is perpetually in a good mood.

Jesus is not upset with me. I am God’s child and He is doing so many good things for me. We are His friends and He will do anything it takes to help us out. We are His bride and His love for us is passionate beyond imagination.