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God’s new plan

We have ministers that are very faithful. Everyday they do their thing. Same message; same station.

If you do something you will be “saved”. Same message, year in, year out.

But that same old plan never makes a dent in the problem of missing the mark with God. Jesus had a new plan in mind. With one act, we never would have “to do” anything again.

And so, in one act, it was over. Jesus then went back and sat down next to God just waiting for me to “get it”. He is just waiting for His and our enemy to cave in. Jesus has done everything for me.

I don’t need “to do” anything other than believe and love. I can take part in being complete in Him with nothing else to do. The Holy Spirit confirms that there is a new plan in effect. And it is not one put on paper and notarized. The Spirit is writing it on my heart. It is there on the lining to my emotional core.

The slate is clean. I don’t need “to do” anything to take part in the new plan. I just continue to believe, change my mind about God’s purpose in my life and don’t throw it all away. It is mine forever in Him!!