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There is a suffering that is for a great reason. It is a suffering for Jesus and it leads to healing and salvation. Now that doesn’t make sense to the world I live in but it is true.

Our culture believes that success is the “lack of hard times”. Jesus led the way. His suffering led to my salvation and healing and so it is true for me too.

We all share in the good and tough times in Jesus. None of us are immune and why should we be?

Jesus did it for me and I must share in it together with Jesus.

That is a sign of my maturity that I know that nothing can separate me from God’s love.

No matter what happens. When I exhibit this attitude, it shows that I am going to make it. Without the willingness to endure the tough times, I would never know.

May I be unflinching in growing in Jesus.

When we suffer for Jesus, it works out for your healing and salvation. If we are treated well, given a helping hand and encouraging word, that also works to your benefit, spurring you on, face forward, unflinching. Your hard times are also our hard times. When we see that you’re just as willing to endure the hard times as to enjoy the good times, we know you’re going to make it, no doubt about it. 2 Corinthians 1:6-7