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Jesus challenges us. He has let us know that we will be persecuted for following him and his way. It will happen.

If it doesn’t happen, then something is wrong. I can count on it.

Author and counselor Sara Dormon believes it’s time for Christians to collectively take Jesus more seriously, arguing in an interview with “The Church Boys” podcast that she believes many faithful have simply become too complacent.

Dormon, who recently released a book titled, “If You’re a Christian and Everyone Likes You…Something’s Wrong,” also said she believes Christians are too willing to compromise their beliefs, and that they often allow themselves to be known more for what they oppose than for what they’re for.

“I would rather honor God and be loved by God than be loved by man, and I think that’s the mess we’ve fallen into as Christians,” Dormon said. “We’ve learned to compromise our faith, we’ve learned to not rock the boat…don’t step on toes.”

So, the author essentially advocates a balanced approach: embracing one’s truth and faith while simultaneously showing love for others. This is the very topic she covers in the book — a six-year project that started as mere journal entries after a personal crisis of faith.

Source: ‘If You’re a Christian and Everyone Likes You… Something’s Wrong’ – Faithwire