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In the old agreement (plan), no matter how many sacrifices were offered, they never added up to a complete solution.

And, in church after church today, they still don’t. Way too many sermons on tithing and not enough on how God wants all of our money, not just a tenth.

So, if sacrifices are a solution, I could go merrily on my way and not hunger for something more.

But I don’t. There is more and it is His new plan. I want it. I hunger for it. It is my only desire.

All these rules only make me more aware of how inadequate I am. And that is the point of the message of condemnation. Keeping rules can’t get rid of my missing the goal of trusting Jesus.

Just can’t do it. No way. Jesus said that God didn’t want us to try to keep the old rules. He has a new plan. It isn’t tithing. It isn’t praying in church. It isn’t going to Sunday School. That is the old plan way.

It is a heart set on doing everything God’s way. His government isn’t a democracy. The new plan is based on “Your will be done.”“In my life right now as it is in heaven.”

When Jesus said “I am here to do it Your way.”, He set aside the old plan in order to set in motion a new goal. So His sacrifice has made me fit for the new government He has ushered in.