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Jesus, as Son, has the most special relationship with the Father. As Son, the Father says to Jesus, you are God. You are in control of my government for good. No one will ever take your place. Now Satan, an angel, thought he could be in control. God has put an end to that nonsense.

Jesus’ victory has made that clear. God just loves it when things are put right. And He hates it when things are out of whack. And so God is VERY happy.

Jesus started it all. He laid the earth’s very foundations. And He will finish it all.

How special is Jesus? God has never said to anyone, any created being, sit here next to me. He has given Jesus the place of honor. He is charge (King) of God’s country and government (Kingdom). That is the new plan. God has replaced the crown of thorns with one of gold.

So this is something we can count on. Jesus is the Son. Everything has been put in His control in God’s country. We are citizens AND children of His country. All is well.