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Mothers DayAngel, I have so much respect for you. You are an amazing mother and I stand in awe. Your love, sacrifice and service to your children deserves a shout out on the highest roof top.

You sacrifice so much for them every day. You constantly drop what you are doing to make sure they are taken care of. Your ever abiding thought is how to serve them and make them happy.

And … happy and successful they are. From Sarah Jo to Nate.

You think of them all the time and always want the best for them. No little or big thing is too much in your eyes.

You create so many special and fun experiences for our family. We all have so many fond memories today and will down the road.

Your patience is stunning.

Your encouragement is overwhelming.

Your generosity is superb.

Your words of wisdom are a special treasure.

Your strength is an inspiration.

I love you!