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Jesus the Messiah

Many people do things in the name of Jesus. They may not be a part of “our group” or our Church.

I need to be careful. Someone who performs the work of God in the name of Jesus is not an enemy. God’s country is not divided against itself.

God is God. God will judge. Good work in the name of Jesus is not my concern.

I have an enemy. His work is clear.

They started arguing over which of them would be most famous. When Jesus realized how much this mattered to them, he brought a child to his side. “Whoever accepts this child as if the child were me, accepts me,” he said. “And whoever accepts me, accepts the One who sent me. You become great by accepting, not asserting. Your spirit, not your size, makes the difference.”

John spoke up, “Master, we saw a man using your name to expel demons and we stopped him because he wasn’t of our group.”

Jesus said, “Don’t stop him. If he’s not an enemy, he’s an ally.

Source: Luke 9:46 – 50