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New Life

New Life

Looks can be very deceiving. Sometimes, on the outside, it can look like things are falling apart. But God is working on the inside.

Jesus is making, in me, a new life. Every day His grace is working. It is a gift, His doing, but He IS doing it. Not always seen, but real nonetheless.

The same is not only true for me but others as well. A good reason not to judge for sure. So any turmoil I am going through right now is small potatoes compared to the good times that He has in store for me right around the corner.

Todays mundane, ho hum stuff will turn into an amazing celebration when Jesus completes what He is doing in me.

There is far more going on than meets the eye. I know that things are here today and gone tomorrow. The unseen things that God is doing are going to last forever.

And that is a VERY long time.