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New Plan - 1There are important things to get a grip on. The most important is the message of the new plan.

Why? So I don’t drift off. It is easy to drift. Staying on message is tough and requires discipline. The old plan was delivered in so many ways. By angels. By prophets. By Kings. The list goes on. When that message was delivered, nobody got away with a single thing.

The new plan of good news was delivered by Jesus, the Messiah and Son of God, himself. It is a message of amazing salvation and deliverance from my enemies.

The message has been passed down to us faithfully by so many starting with those who heard it directly from Him. We know it is the true message of good news because it is validated with gifts through the Holy Spirit. All sorts of signs and wonders come with it.

So … may I never drift off. May I stay anchored in the good news of the new plan.