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Confidence in others

As we start out on the journey with Jesus, it helps to have leaders who inspire us. Sure, I need discipline, but I also need to know when I am on the right track. The Apostle Paul shows me how to lead:

  • Leaders let us know they are pleased with what we are doing.
  • Leaders are confident that we are going to make it.
  • Leaders are proud of what we do.

Of course, this all starts with God. God is in a good mood and is proud of us.

“And then, when we saw how Titus felt—his exuberance over your response—our joy doubled. It was wonderful to see how revived and refreshed he was by everything you did. If I went out on a limb in telling Titus how great I thought you were, you didn’t cut off that limb. As it turned out, I hadn’t exaggerated one bit. Titus saw for himself that everything I had said about you was true. He can’t quit talking about it, going over again and again the story of your prompt obedience, and the dignity and sensitivity of your hospitality. He was quite overwhelmed by it all! And I couldn’t be more pleased—I’m so confident and proud of you.

~Apostle Paul

Source: 2 Corinthians 7:13-17