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This is important for me to know. It is, in fact, critical.

  • Jesus is very interested in what I want from him. It is too easy to believe that God doesn’t care. Jesus only does what he sees his Father do. God is in a good mood and so is Jesus.
  • I need to be bold, making my needs known to him. Sitting around thinking I don’t need to say anything will get me nowhere. When Jesus is passing by, I must shout out for mercy.
  • Persistence is critical. When others want me to shut up, I need to get bolder and louder. I need persistent faith not more faith.
  • My needs move Jesus deeply. Jesus listens to me and is moved. Deeply. That is good news.

There is a procession to join. God’s miracles aren’t for me alone. My job is to follow Jesus.

As they were leaving Jericho, a huge crowd followed. Suddenly they came upon two blind men sitting alongside the road. When they heard it was Jesus passing, they cried out, “Master, have mercy on us! Mercy, Son of David!” The crowd tried to hush them up, but they got all the louder, crying, “Master, have mercy on us! Mercy, Son of David!”

Jesus stopped and called over, “What do you want from me?”

They said, “Master, we want our eyes opened. We want to see!”

Deeply moved, Jesus touched their eyes. They had their sight back that very instant, and joined the procession.

Source: Matthew 20-29-34

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