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Wisdom is challenging. It sounds great but it isn’t easy to do. This advice about anger and bad tempers is important. God has a goal for me. It is to pleasant, meek and to encourage others.

  • I get to chose who I hang out with. It is important to ignore angry people. I will get infected. It’s a fact!
  • Do I have a “bad temper”? We all get angry and have a temper. How frequent is it? Do I have a bad temper? Am I always angry? Something to think about.
  • What is the consequence? A bad temper is contagious. Others around us, our family and friends, all can get infected.

Don’t hang out with angry people;
don’t keep company with hotheads.
Bad temper is contagious—
don’t get infected” ~King Solomon

Source: Proverbs 22:25