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Great modern day parable. Love it!

Mitch Teemley

Brandon was converted at 12, but slid away at 17. He’s been dancing on the line ever since. Here’s how he sees things:

millennial-cool-young-guy-sunglasses-10So I lost my job. On Labor Day. Hah. Which isn’t funny. Actually it kinda sucks. Everybody tells you what you wanna hear: “It’ll work out. You got this!” Only nobody means what they say. And God’s no different. He says tell him what you want and he’ll answer if you pray real hard and crap. But then nothing. Nada.

Then my car gets smashed up. And it isn’t even my fault. Well, it could be, maybe, but… So my mom covers it, and now I owe her fifteen hundred bucks. And you never want to owe my mom anything ‘cause she’s like, “Aha! Now I control you.” She doesn’t need the money. She just wants the power—I owe her money so now she can tell me…

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